exhibition look at me
exhibition look at me II
Solo Exhibition, Look at me, 7 .04. – 16.06.2017,  BlitzArt Portrait space, Geneva, Switzerland


A series of portraits that will take you on the roads of the unexpected.

The artist Miglena Savova invites you to follow her in her universe of lines, curves and colors; in his instinctive, sincere and honest interpretation of moments in life that concern us and affect us in different ways depending on our degree of involvement.
The artist presents to you, in large format, “cigar smokers”; this aristocrat, reactionary, macho and epicurean symbol at the same time. Here told with skill and finesse in a burst of colors. Works to be tasted under the amused gaze of mysterious passionate enthusiasts …
Thierry Auclair 2017

Miglena Savova was born in Bulgaria where she studied for many years. Attracted by the portrait, she practiced this art in all its variations. Arrived in Geneva in 2003, she perfected her art to express her creative force. From collage to photo and from abstract expression to academic drawing, she approaches all artistic forms. His vision of reality through light in his works frees colors and celebrates life in spite of everything.

This insubordination to suffering, we perceive it in these “cigar smokers” represented here by large paintings whose colors seem to flow constantly, like life. Miglena thus rediscovers her passion for portraiture and takes us to Cuba whose symbol is this time magnified. In this explosion of colors where sometimes ironic looks suggest to us that it is sometimes good to think only of yourself, for a moment.
Marina Gasperini 2017


Exhibition Lighthouse 2015 WIPO Geneva
Exhibition Lighthouse 2015 WIPO Geneva
Exhibition Lighthouse of Miglena Savova Auclair November 13th. to 28th. 2015  World Inrellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Geneva


A rather unorthodox lighthouse with bright radiant colours sets the scene. Cheerful and yet detached, it raises the curtain for the dense choreography of juxtapositions and unusual viewpoints underpinning Miglena Savova’s most recent body of work.

Bright and energetic compositions change with melancholic scenes, daydreams give way to edgy moods, motion freezes and goes upbeat again. The paintings shape up a tightly packed psychological space, which opens up boldly in an exhibitionist manner and then narrows down requiring the viewer to peep through the imaginary windows and openings the picture plane frames. As diverse as her subjects are a merry – go – round, a patch of greenish water, birds in a stormy sky, or a window of a countryside house, they however reveal a uniform intention – making one conscious of the intimate act of observation. Looking out becomes looking in and although humans may be absent, the work is all about them, or rather us.

Framing is therefore so essential to these works. It carves out details, cuts reality into distinct pieces and freezes time and motion. The monumental all of a sudden appears attainable, thoughtfully divided in portions to be devoured. The hunger of the eye is insatiable, the mind’s capacity for comprehension becomes more and more elastic and yet there will always be an indigestible remainder.

Streams of thought, recurrence of imagery, recycling of techniques and media transgressions connect these new paintings to some of the artist’s previous work, as if to provide hints about where her inquiries come from. Seeing and making sense is always remaking of reality, as in the six signature portraits of women dressed up in distinct national costumes. Old archival photographs have been deconstructed in painting with colors disintegrated – neither natural, nor artificial. Identity is always under construction and the only certain thing in the portraits of these six women remains the solid presence of their gaze. Beauty is in the eye, it is said in the eye of the beholder.

Margarita Dorovska, curator and writer  2015

On the work of Miglena Savova

maestro, 2011, 90x180 cm.
maestro, 2011, 90x180 cm.
“Maestro” 2011, 90×180 cm., drawing charcoal and acrylic on cardboard on a frame

Miglena Savova’s oeuvre reveals the expression of a dreamer and a painter poet, luring the viewer onto an exciting voyage beyond reality. Her work, laden with metaphor is a symphony of media and techniques, taking the form of oil painting, collage, assemblage, sculpture, graphic, photography, book design and interior design. Her sound practical knowledge and skilful mastery of a strikingly broad range of techniques and materials provide for the lightness and sharp definition of her expression.

Miglena Savova is influenced by the Italian and Russian futurism, cubism, constructivism, Bauhaus and pop art and in particular the work of artists such as Victor Vasarely, Umberto Boccioni, Tommaso Marinetti, and Georges Braque. Attracted by the fragmentation of form, the abstract compositions and the strong colours of fauvism, in painting she dares into courageous combinations of  powerful colours and lines.

In her collages and assemblages Miglena gives new life to organic matter. Her   imaginative use of different materials and combinations of texture, form and colour build rich perceptual and associative spaces.

Portraits occupy a significant place in Miglena Savova’s painting. Invariably the focal point of these works is the eyes of her subjects, drawing the viewer in. Then there is also a series of abstract compositions produced by monotyping and collage, in which the deliberation of design confronts the spontaneity of expressive abstraction. The internal life of these compositions naturally follows the unfolding of creative force.

Another distinct body of work is contained in a picturesque series with flamboyant colours. Those «flames of live» make up a dense tangle of emotions associatively signalled through colour. There are also sculptural  assemblages made of found wood repurposed into compositions, often resembling signposts, pointing to unknown places and covered with magical signs and colour fields, as if to provide direction to three-dimensional space.

Dr. Youlian Raytchev, art historian   2015

Art Must Be Generous

exposition rétrospectiv 2014
mona lisa's 2010
Exhibition curatorial project by Peta Papas at ICS Geneva Switzerland 2014


Miglena Savova is an artist beyond “isms”.
Miglena has created art works since 1984, when she obtained the first of many diplomas at the School of Applied Arts in Triavna, Bulgaria. However, Miglena has resisted being cornered with an identity tag, following the examples of Picasso and Jean Arp, she has undermined the concept of the artist’s obligation to maintain a single style.

Miglena’s retrospective at the International Corporate Services exhibits more than forty works of art created over the past thirty years.  Although she has exhibited extensively in central Europe since 1991, this exhibition makes clear the cohesion of Miglena’s vision of her world through different styles and media from the start of her career.

Rooted in Bulgarian folklore Miglena’s work is saturated with profound symbolic strength and originality. Spontaneity and excited gestures fix shape to shape and gutsy courage of juxtaposing vivid colors expose hereditary know-how, genius and true harmony to the eye.

The paintings, collages and assemblages, although unique and vital in their different media, unanimously project the same spirit – that all is possible.

As Victor Vasarely so rightly said in 1977 “Art must be generous”. The generosity of Miglena Savova’s art provokes and incites freedom of possibilities to inspire new thought and ideas.

I would like to thank Violette Jaggi for giving ICS the opportunity to exhibit Miglena’s retrospective of 2014.

Peta Papas, curator  2014