• exposition australian soul miglena savova auclair

    In Australian soul, the artist, Miglena Savova Auclair, exhibits for the very for time her photographies. She is an expert in different techniques such as painting, sculpture or the collage. Australia making the head news made her want to show pictures taken during her 2018 trip to Sydney and Melbourne. The exhibition is divived in three parts. The first part consists of pictures of nature, whether in movement or static, either abstrac or realistic, that have the surprisingly effect of evoking current fires. Through the realism of her pictures, Miglena tries, most of all, the emotions she felt during her fist encounter with the marvelous Australian landscapes. The second part Read more

  • exposition Let's Look - Sofia 2018

    “Let’s look,” is a call that welcomes us to the exhibition of paintings by Miglena Savova-Auclair in Sofia. This is the first solo exhibition of the talented Bulgarian artist who has been living and working for many years in Geneva. Colors in her works are bright and provocative, images are large and expressive, carrying the general feeling of emotion created by living human communication. We know talented names in fine arts usually get their voice through art critics. They say that faces in the works of Miglena Savova-Auclair give some kind of answer to contemporary disappointment, as in our times there is overproduction of selfie photos. Everything that comes in Read more