Australian Soul, Miglena Savova Auclair’s exhibition at the LuxArt Gallery

A few days before Valentine’s day, the 11th of February 2020, at the Roman Gallery LuxArt, via della Luce 28 (Trastevere), took place the opening party of « Australian Soul », a solo exhibition by the Swiss-Bulgarian artist Miglena Savova Auclair


The photographies featured in this exhibition pay tribute to the nature and the culture of the marvelous australian landscapes burnt by the fire. The artist is also a graphic designer. The pictures were taken one year ago during a trip to Australia, way before the current wildfires. Nonetheless, they capture the devastation caused by the blazes. Thus, the sunset becomes a forest raped in flames or a landscape full of bright trees transforms itself into black ashes. Animal portraits are like endangered icons. 

There were number of people from the roman cultural life present at this grand opening such as the journalist Barbara Castellani, the artist and miss Italia Elisabetta Viaggi, the RAI director Mauro Calandra, the stylist Gabriella Romeo, the artist Cristina Natale, the hairstylist Michele Spanò, the jewelers, Fina Scigliano and Giovanni Pallotta, the constructor Nicolò Corso, the lawyer Francesco Scardaccione and many more

The exhibition Australian Soul was organised by the curator Aneta Rinaldi and the artist Ilian Rachov. It will take place during the entire month of February.

Photos by Gianliugi Barbieri and Reneta Marzeda